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Sales & Marketing expertise

Securing your sales success in EdTech


We place world-class, connected, specialist sales and marketing people who have a deep understanding of their products and customers.

Our service is truly unrivalled across the UK, Europe and the Americas. Our success rate speaks for itself and is testament to our network and the quality of the relationships we hold.


We can introduce our clients to the overacheivers they would not otherwise have access to – and introduce candidates to amazing opportunities including many that are often “off-market”. 

Our clients trust us to be their advisor and brand ambassador because we immerse ourselves in their sales and go-to-market strategies.

And our candidates put their trust in us because they know we’ll make the extra effort needed to find the perfect match.

Our ongoing, proactive search outreach adds further depth and quality to our network every day, at every level, including: Chief Revenue Officer, VP Sales, Head of Sales, Sales Director, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Account Manager, and Inside Sales/Sales Development Representative. 

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We understand the importance of the dynamics between Sales, Pre-sales, Product, and Marketing teams.

We know that no two roles or teams are ever the same, so our approach is highly personalised to every firm and individual. 

Whether you are looking for ‘first-on-the-ground’ sales people or expanding into new territories, or looking to take a new product to market – the high-growth EdTech space continues to be candidate driven, with lots of moving parts, that requires special care to ensure success. 

From established vendors through to disruptive scale-ups, we consult with our clients – even when they’re not hiring – on D&I, incentives, commission structures, culture and personality fit as well as retention, counter offers, enablement software and training methodologies.

It’s our proven ability to manage all these moving parts – at pace – that enables us to provide the unsurpassed advice and guidance that ensures success for both parties.

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