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Leaders In EdTech Recruitment 

Global Reach Covering UK, EMEA and USA

Network of Over 10,000 edtech professionals 

Strategic Consulting

EdTech recruitment specialist 

We help power the global growth of Edtech by making the placements that matter.

We always have. Specialising in EdTech – and only edtech – we are the established recruitment pioneers for sales, tech and product professionals.

The essence of our success is our unequalled partnership approach with our clients and candidates.

It’s not what we do that makes the difference, but how we do it. Our culture, insight and depth of expertise make us exceptionally valued, trusted confidants and advisors. And this is why we succeed in making the deals that others can’t quite reach.


We provide a niche, specialist, more personalised, and supremely professional service.

We’ve lived and breathed Edtech from its beginnings – back when “Straight-Through-Processing technology” was the big thing!

Our consultants all have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in their specialist areas. Whether it’s Education Management, K-12, Pre 12, Digital Assessments, Game Based Learning, Higher Education, Language Learning, Tutoring Marketplace, E-learning, or Corporate Learning… Front to back office, we get it. We know what’s latest, what’s next – and what it takes to succeed. 

We are never fazed by a challenge, never beaten by a brief. And we are exceptionally supportive of our clients and candidates – sharing insights and counsel – to ensure you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Your Success. Our Business.

Why Westfield Group

Edtech Expertise

We're backed by a team of top edtech recruiters. Our expertise ensures we possess a deep understanding of the edtech industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

Global  Network

Our vast global network of Edtech professionals allows us to access a diverse pool of talent with the expertise needed to thrive in the EdTech landscape. We leverage our connections and relationships to source exceptional candidates who possess not only technical excellence but also a passion for disruption and driving meaningful change within the industry.

Tailored Recruitment Strategies:

We recognize that each edtech company has its own distinct goals, culture, and technology stack. Our dedicated consultants work closely with you to understand your organization's specific needs, ensuring that our recruitment strategies are customized to find candidates who align with your company's vision, values, and technical requirements.

As international EdTech specialists, we work with companies large and small across established and emerging EdTech markets.

Just as EdTech has spread its global reach, so have we. Our international network, knowledge and experience are unrivalled.

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going, we’re helping EdTech businesses and people grow and thrive, from northern to southern Europe, the US, Canada and South America.

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